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辺野古移設反対組織に平和賞授与 ドイツ国際団体、非暴力を評価

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:47 pm
by Atsushi
辺野古移設反対組織に平和賞授与 ドイツ国際団体、非暴力を評価

ドイツの国際平和団体「IPB 国際平和ビューロー」は、2017年のショーン・マクブライド平和賞を、米軍普天間飛行場(沖縄県宜野湾市)の名護市辺野古移設に反対する政党や団体でつくるオール沖縄会議に授与すると決めました。IPBから連絡を受けた同会議関係者が8月31日に明らかにしました。IPB自体は、1910年にノーベル平和賞を受賞しています。



International Peace Bureau to award Sean MacBride Peace Prize to All Okinawa Kaigi, an organization which protests the construction of a U.S. military base in Okinawa.

Founded in 1891, The International Peace Bureau (IPB) is one of the world's oldest international peace federations.

PB awards the annual Sean MacBride Peace Prize to a person or organisation doing outstanding work for peace, disarmament or human rights.

All Okinawa Kaigi was founded in 2015 to represent local communities, civil organizations, local assemblies and businesses in Okinawa.

Re: 辺野古移設反対組織に平和賞授与 ドイツ国際団体、非暴力を評価

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:13 pm
by Atsushi
IPB unveils the winners of Séan MacBride Peace Prize 2017

Okinawa Council Against Henoko New Base, Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Corbyn will be the winners of this year’s Séan MacBride Peace Prize.


The prize ceremony will be held on Friday, 24th November in Barcelona. There will be a press conference on the same day at 11am.

Séan MacBride Peace Prize to ALL OKINAWA CONCIL AGAINST HENOKO NEW BASE (2017 in Barcelona)

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:41 am
by Atsushi
辺野古基地移設に反対している平和組織 「オール沖縄会議」 に平和賞授与。

The International Peace Bureau awards the Séan MacBride Peace Prize every year to a person, or organisation, or movement in recognition of its outstanding work for peace, disarmament, human rights. ... rize-2017/

This year the IPB Board has chosen the following three winners of the prize:


The prize ceremony will be held on Friday, 24th November in Barcelona.
Please note that there will be a press conference on the same day at 11am.

Please check out these pages, too.

Facebook page ... 9710346380

Facebook group ... 162363654/

All Okinawa Council Against Henoko New Base – for its unflagging commitment to win the closure of the Futemna Marine Air Base, which is widely seen as one of the world’s most dangerous military bases, and for its unremitting nonviolent opposition to the construction of a massive new air, land and sea base in Henoko. The Council has assembled all Okinawan forces – grassroots, political, and intellectual – opposed to these bases, building on decades of democratic and nonviolent struggle for peace and opposing the social, environmental, political violations that accompany foreign military bases, never giving up. Engaging in a wide variety of actions. The Council’s steadfastness and exceptional range of nonviolent actions, the broad popular support it enjoys, and the spirit and dedication that characterize this exceptional anti-bases movement make it a model for peace and justice struggles and deserving of support and solidarity.

PDF ... e-2017.pdf